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Welcome to Amélie Scott Designs!

Check out our newest book! 
Our latestbook, Celebrate Machine Embroidery has a LOT to offer. Featuring 11 party-inspired projects, 52 embroidery designs, and edge-to-edge quilting designs for small projects, this book is a lot of fun, and a great value!

Edge-to-Edge Quilting book! 

OurbookEdge-to-Edge Quilting on Your Embroidery Machine has received a tremendous response! Our Easy-Connect Quilting technique and special embroidery files let you get results like a long-arm quilter, with your home embroidery machine.

Edge-to-Edge Expansion Packs 
OurExpansion Packs provide more designs to use with the technique explained in our book. Each Pack contains 10 additional designs. 

Introducing Amélie Scott Designs
We are a family business that creates fun and fresh quilt patterns. Our patterns feature
interesting design elements, and introduce tools and techniques that are useful for any quilter. 

Designs in our patterns include 3D elements, applique, painting and other media, and our exclusive DigiQuilt concept. Our patterns are very well written, and include lots of illustrations, which makes it very easy for any quilter to learn how to create these elements.

We hope you enjoy using our designs to create your own fantastic quilts!

New designs! 

Gift Charms


  Old World Christmas            Ho Ho Holly Projects
Mug Rugs                                       

Recent additions...   

Expansion Pack 5 provides 10 new quilting designs, 
including our first feathering design!