Seashell Embroidery & Quilting Designs

Seashell Designs from DropBox

Thanks for visiting our web page! We are providing 2 links above for downloading the embroidery files for our Sea Shell Table Runner.

The first link -- will allow a direct download of a ZIP file that contains the 3 embroidery files you will use. Most web browsers can use that just fine

The second link -- provides access to the same ZIP files through our DropBox account. If you haven't used DropBox before, let me provide one tip: when you get to the page, be sure to click the Download button that appears on the upper right side of the page.  If you click on the folder icon on the left side of the page, DropBox will display information about the files that are in the ZIP file, but it won’t actually let you do anything with them.

We hope you enjoy the project!